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Pigs Will Fly: Playlist and Movie Clips

Pigs album cover

Given that this album is out of print and so difficult to find, I’ve decided to violate my no-posting-copyright-materials rule.  Chris’s songs on this album are so gorgeous that hearing these lo-res versions may inspire you to scour the interwebs to find the original CD soundtrack.  I should note that the album’s first track, the full version of Crystaline, is not included here, but – believe me! – that track alone is worth the effort and $$$$.

Selected vocal tracks: 


The complete album (including its hidden track) is posted below.  Please note that the album is a collaboration of three composers:  Chris, Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt, and Warner Poland.  The full album credits (including Trixie’s backing vocals on Velocity Girl and Heiko and Matthias’s vastly combo-ing on Velocity and Fine Day) are shown in the scan of the CD insert.


Complete soundtrack: 

Lyrics (as near as I can make out)

We breathe the air together
these crystal days
’til you can see forever
until we appear
’til it’s all crystal clear
Riddle the sky with mirrors
falling away
we wrestle gods with feathers
maybe this could come true
’cause I’m fallin’
falling through
Don’t hesitate for once for a while
I’ll be here you’ll see for miles
and miles and miles again
Skylines and revolutions
are before your eyes
as in a vision of flying
nothing is obscene
when it’s all crystalline
We run the town together
these crystal days
medicine wire flashing
maybe you could come through
’cause I’m fallin’ into you
Don’t hesitate behind them years
frozen smiles and tears will see
you’re not alone
you’re never alone
Never alone

Dislocation Blues
Orphaned at the tether
societies of wither
the vacancy of dislocation
The writhing in the vapor
the sweet and sour nectar
some solvent or some vaccination
Cripples of convenience
the rape of all resistance
scavengers of empty emigrations
Don’t be afraid
it’s only this mortal treason
Where can a heretic call home?
Where can a heretic call home?

Breaking Your Fall
The horizon pales
when she hits the ground
sirens and scaffolds
all coming down
under the weight of heaven
if only devotion
could rise on a word
then you could stumble
never be hurt
you could let go
Breaking your fall
Breaking your fall
The pilots of pleasure
your weatherman
never could push you
far as I can
they just let you fall
while buildings and bridges
just crash and burn
it’s only a cloud bank
bursting in turn
they were made to come down
Breaking your fall
Breaking your fall
Fault lines and failures
angels and all
follow her footholds
breaking her fall
it’s alchemical

Over the hills and far away
the whole world (no world ???) is confined
meeting the stone at the golden gate
man will live he don’t mind
Up in the air the buildings rise
glamorized allure??? (something that rhymes with “blood )
Sixteen lanes of compromise
to recall your mutual blood

Fine Day
It’s a fine, fine day
wish you could come out a while
on a fine, fine day
so fine just to see you smile
‘Cause the sun in the sky
is a friend of mine
I always call him Ray
so slow and so sweet
in the summertime
to shine all your worries away
Fine, fine day
wish you would come out again
ah ha ah ah .
‘Cause the dark in your eyes
I can understand
somehow it’s something I know
in the ways and means
of neverland
sometimes you gotta let go
On a fine, fine day
wish you could come out a while
on a fine, a fine day
so fine just to see you smile

Velocity Girl
When the sun has gone crashing down
and the longing leaves (leads?) your eyes
from the shadows someone calls your name
in desire’s veiled disguise
When you’e flashing down elysian fields
with them phantoms on parade
hollow faces of polished steel
riders of the blade
Wake up we’re nearly home
my velocity girl
stake out your pleasure dome
there is a place for us
a pace for us
Apparitions in (Now we’re naked in a?) frozen land
dry iced amphetamine
take the handle in your naked hand
just a ghost in the machine
Wake up we’re nearly home
my velocity girl
stake out your pleasure dome
there is a place for us
a pace for us
Twisted passages of passion plays
paradise is bleeding red
steal away with me a million years
stealing from the dead
Wake up we’re nearly home
my velocity girl
stake out your pleasure dome
there is a place for us
a pace for us

Bridge Song
Waking up running
from the (full of?) confusion
someday soon you’ll be taking off
the time is for falling
and all its intrusion
nothing new now you’re taking off
an everyday gesture
to question the living
the bridge of sighs
there’s power and motion
forever is calling
to raise the day before your eyes
in numbers and letters
sisters and brothers will pick you up
and dust you off
Can you feel the passing of heaven
lifting you across
the strange divide?
Love is your sister
and death is your brother
no bright definition
so always to wonder
and always to want
this fine imprecision
where (when?) nothing is written
and nothing is lost
someday soon you’ll shake it off
shaking the errors
awaking the brass
someday soon you’ll be taking off
Can you feel the passing? the heavens
lifting you across
the bridge of remorse
Love is the axis of true revolution
anyway there is time enough
you never can lose it and never be bought
anyway, you pay it off
where (well?) love is your sister and death is your brother
put wings on your shoes


Clips from the Film

Trailer (featuring Crystaline):



Crystaline:  This clip provides a bit of insight into the movie’s title!



Fine Day:  Heads up – Violent scene of Laxe beating his wife.



Frisco:  Walter greets Laxe at San Francisco airport and drives into the city.



Bridge Song:  Laxe on the Golden Gate Bridge.












8 thoughts on “Pigs Will Fly: Playlist and Movie Clips

  1. I have to go dig this CD out again! Thanks 🙂

    Posted by Jason | March 31, 2016, 8:44 pm
  2. Katie–

    Thanks for posting this. I picked up a copy on eBay a few years ago and love it, particularly when I can listen to the whole thing while driving. It’s interesting to try to intuit the action of the movie (which I’ve not seen) from the selection of incidental music and complete songs. I agree with you about Crystalline and also really love the full versions of Fine Day and Velocity Girl. I prefer the HVH version of Breaking Your Fall as I don’t care for the synths added to this version, but it’s always good to hear multiple versions of CW songs to see how he tinkered with them over time.

    Posted by Keith | March 7, 2016, 1:03 pm
  3. I both share your mindset regarding the “no-posting-copyright-materials rule”, yet, as a huge CW fan and one who has not heard these recordings, I’m extremely grateful. I support your decision!

    Posted by Usky | March 7, 2016, 9:43 am
  4. Thank You

    Sent from my iPhone


    Posted by Cccblues@comcast.net | March 7, 2016, 5:02 am
  5. Absolutely beautiful and incredibly awesome. Thank you.

    Posted by Ted Moreno | March 7, 2016, 12:08 am
  6. thank you!

    Posted by Tracy | March 6, 2016, 9:23 pm

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