LWTL Media

lwtl front




You can access a few dozen articles (PDF) here.

Other Media

Excerpt from Promotional Video (Candlelight Sessions):


Video of Miami 1991-10-22:


Ohne Filter (German TV program), Nachtwerk, Baden-Baden, March 1992:


Video of Roskilde Festival 1992:

Complex Sex Ritual: 


Long Way Around:


Columbia Promo Videos

TV Appearances

The Late Show 1991-07


MuchMusic 1991-09


Arsenio Hall 1991-12-19


MuchMusic 1992-01


Les Nuls L’Emission 1992-02-29


The Tonight Show 1992-03


Audio Only

Bootlegs from 1991 (mostly summer European appearances and Tom Petty tour)

Bootlegs from 1992



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