Invisible Day & Fireroad: Camus’ Influence?

I've recently begun examining Chris's 'ties' to Albert Camus's The Rebel. In a NY Times interview, "Whitley points to French philosopher Albert Camus’ 1951 essay ‘The Rebel’ and suggests, 'It’s not idealisms and this and that. It can be existential frustrations. We overlook that. You turn on the TV and if it’s guys burning American … Continue reading Invisible Day & Fireroad: Camus’ Influence?

The Life and Music of Chris Whitley: A Timeline

In honor of Chris's birthday this year - and in gratitude for the unforgettable music and the prescient insights he gave us, I've compiled this timeline of his truncated but productive life. I 'snagged' the timeline that used to appear at and then expanded it with many more moments and a lot of photos … Continue reading The Life and Music of Chris Whitley: A Timeline

The Wonders of Science v. The Abysmal State of Humanity

I tried to post videos from the Washington Post to my Facebook account, but encountered copyright restrictions.  So ..., I'm gonna try to post here so that you can hear what a black hole sounds like and see magnificent images captured. "When we come together, we can do great things," the astronomer says. Reading about/viewing … Continue reading The Wonders of Science v. The Abysmal State of Humanity

Weed & War Crime Blues Media

Because "straight from the horse's mouth" is my preferred way of understanding Chris and his music, I've gathered some of Chris's musings about each of these albums below.  I've also included excerpts from some of my favorite reviews.  To read the full articles, reviews, and interviews from which these excerpts were taken, go here. War … Continue reading Weed & War Crime Blues Media

Dislocation Blues Media

I've written a separate post examining the songs Chris and Jeff Lang covered on Dislocation Blues.  Here, I've compiled the articles, photos, etc. that I've collected over the years. Read over a dozen articles/reviews. Listen to an interview Chris gave while in Australia recording the album. Listen to a podcast from Jeff Lang about the … Continue reading Dislocation Blues Media

How Bruce Hornsby Came to Play on Rocket House

Chris Whitley made music with a wide variety of musicians; his side work was extensive, ranging from Chocolate Genius to Cassandra Wilson, as shown in this playlist.  One musician I was surprised to discover that Chris sometimes jammed with is Bruce Hornsby.  Yet, as a review of Chris's gig at Kahootz in Richmond, VA notes, … Continue reading How Bruce Hornsby Came to Play on Rocket House

Chris’s Guest Appearances with Bob Weir

Photo credit:  CW by Peter Lorré at Parkpop The Hague in 1992; BW unknown   In an interview about Note of Hope. an album that Rob Wasserman produced based on Woody Guthrie writings set to music, Rob briefly discussed Chris's involvement: [W]e had just been playing with Bob Weir back in the day. I introduced … Continue reading Chris’s Guest Appearances with Bob Weir