Long Way Around: An Anthology 1991 – 2001

In the liner notes for this anthology, Bradley Bambarger wrote "The most compelling, communicative music resonates with a 'cry,' whether it embodies a wail of pain and despair or the not-so-dissimilar shouts of spiritual elation and sexual healing.  ... [E]nduring music often echoes the real, remembered or empathetic cry of the listener.  Chris Whitley's music … Continue reading Long Way Around: An Anthology 1991 – 2001

Reiter In Media

  Reiter In was recorded as a band featuring Chris Whitley & "The Bastard Club":  Heiko Schramm – bass guitar and backing vocals; Brian Geltner – drums, vibes, acoustic guitar, and backing vocals; Tim Beattie – harmonica, lap steel, and backing vocals; Kenny Siegal – baritone guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and backing vocals; Sean … Continue reading Reiter In Media

Soft Dangerous Shores Media

  Whitley recorded Soft Dangerous Shores with bassist Heiko Schramm and drummer Matthias Macht, the supple German rhythm team on board for Hotel Vast Horizon (Messenger, 2003). Malcolm Burn was at the helm, producing and engineering the record in his Kingston, N.Y., studio. Burn's sepia-toned keyboards were also the source of the album's hovering atmospherics. … Continue reading Soft Dangerous Shores Media

Terra Incognita Media

Articles You can access a few dozen articles here.   Bootlegs and Other Audio 1997 bootlegs on the Live Music Archive Radio Show at Studio Brussel (Belgium) 1997-03-13:   Radio Show at River Music Hall (Boston) 1997-03-19 - includes a rare performance of Some Candy Talkin':   Radio Show at WRLT (Nashville) 1997-04-03 - really … Continue reading Terra Incognita Media

Hotel Vast Horizon Media

As Heiko "Hesh" Schramm recalls, "The whole HVH record is played live at Helicopter Tonstudio in Dresden together at the same time, including Chris's vocals.  Nothing added, no overdubs and no pre-recordings. In a way it's a live album.  On Insurrection M* (Matthias Macht) played a cymbal ON his snare - how hurried Chris was, … Continue reading Hotel Vast Horizon Media

Dirt Floor Media

"Seeing somebody like Chris Whitley sitting in a tool shed in the back of his father's house, just possessed, and you realize that you are in the presence of nature at its purest, you're in the presence of the divine." ~ Craig Street, as quoted in Producing Hit Records by DJ Farinella Articles You can … Continue reading Dirt Floor Media

Din of Ecstasy Media

  Listen to a live version of "Liberation or Death"     Some of Chris's Thoughts re Din "There must be a darkness under the surface.  People have this idyllic, drug-like dream of a romantic life ... a perfect relationship or mythologising someone on the cover of a magazine, all the things that look picturesque … Continue reading Din of Ecstasy Media

LWTL Media

Articles You can access a few dozen articles (PDF) here.   Other Media Excerpt from Promotional Video (Candlelight Sessions): Miami 1991-10-22:     Ohne Filter  (German TV program) , Nachtwerk, Baden-Baden, March 1992:     Roskilde Festival 1992:   Complex Sex Ritual:    Long Way Around:   Columbia Promo Videos           … Continue reading LWTL Media

Pigs Will Fly: Playlist and Movie Clips

How Eoin Moore (PWF director) Met Chris Eoin Moore posted the following to the Dust Forum: I directed the movie Pigs Will Fly and had the extraordinarily rare pleasure of meeting and working with Chris. To answer the question: The film will hopefully make it to DVD in the coming months - the distributors have … Continue reading Pigs Will Fly: Playlist and Movie Clips