“Home Is Where You Get Across”

Les Claypool, Chris, Rob Wasserman (from Trios CD insert)

Danny Kadar has shared the first known recording of Home (New Orleans 1991):


Another 1991 recording of Home (courtesy of Danny Kadar):



Here’s Chris playing Home with Bob Wasserman and Les Claypool on Wasserman’s CD Trios (1994):


Chris plays LWTL and then Home (with Rob and Les) at the Trios concert (1994-03-26):


The full Trios concert featured several artists, including Bruce Hornsby, Bob Weir, and Lou Reed.  You can access the full concert audio here


It’s interesting to note that, years later, Chris again collaborated with Wasserman on another project,  A Note of Hope, featuring songs to commemorate Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday in 2012.  You can learn more about this project and listen to Chris’s contribution (On the High Lonesome) here.



Trixie dancing to Home:












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