Sound Check: Tin Angel 2003-04-11


Here’s the sound check bootleg that Hiroshi Suda and Heiko “Hesh” Schramm discussed on the All Things Chris Whitley Facebook page.  The “Frontier” fragment is in track 12.  Enjoy!

Heiko commenting on Hiroshi’s posting his cover of “Frontier” from HVH:  “Awesome, Man. Chris came out at the studio with it, we jammed a lil over it and did it in a first track. So, then we played it once on the US Hotel Vast Horizon tour, at a SOUNDCHECK, no kidding, probably in Providence, which was the second or third show. That was it. Chris won’t play this song anymore. Means you got the honor of the Bronze medal playing FRONTIER. Thanks so much for this, made ma mornin’, ma friend. Hesh”

See the full post on the All Things Chris Whitley FB group.




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