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Photos of Gig 4/11/03 Tin Angel Philadelphia

Thanks to Richard Jon Levy for sharing his photos of this show. I’ve “screen captured” a few of the photos as images, as shown below: Here are Richard’s PDFs.  EI Kyocera06498920210119110150 EI Kyocera06498820210119110102 EI Kyocera06498720210119105954 EI Kyocera06498620210119105910 EI Kyocera06498520210119105829 EI Kyocera06498420210119105749 EI Kyocera06498320210119105637 EI Kyocera06498220210119105558 EI Kyocera06498120210119105515 EI Kyocera06498020210119105431

Solid Iron Heart

  I never liked Solid Iron Heart on the Rocket House album.  Well, I should qualify that statement:  I was drawn in by Chris’s haunting voice and entranced by the lyrics, but my ears rebelled against all the extraneous sound production in the album version.  I mean, really, why such noise should obscure such intense … Continue reading