Dirt Floor Tunes at KFOG 1998-03-26

Whoever captured this FM broadcast must have been late to the party.  As you listen, you'll hear something I'd forgotten was common 25 years ago:  The sound resulting from turning the tuner dial to find a radio station! Unfortunately, the taper may have missed the first part of the broadcast; Metter Booze's tour guide indicates … Continue reading Dirt Floor Tunes at KFOG 1998-03-26

Mystery Gig: 1995-06-20

Here's an 11-song set whose origins are unclear.  I think that I might have downloaded it from one of those monster bootleg sites, e.g., Wolfgang's or the Concert Archives.  Both of those sites are notoriously lacking in reliable data, so it's possible that the date is wrong.  Further, there's no venue provided.  But it's clearly … Continue reading Mystery Gig: 1995-06-20

1995-08-04 Deer Creek Music Center (Indiana)

Here's a short set from Chris's Din tour stops for the H.O.R.D.E. tour at Deer Park Music Center in Noblesville, IN.  I think that we've finally sorted this out; it was formerly mislabeled as 1995-06-06. The person at the soundboard must have liked electric guitar front-center-everywhere! - Chris's guitar really stands out.  Enjoy!    

at the Rob Wasserman Trios Event 1994-03-26

In March 1994, Chris appeared at the Rex Foundation benefit concert at the Beacon Theater, with a busload of fellow musicians:Rob WassermanBruce HornsbyVictoria WilliamsChris WhitleyBob WeirJohn Wesley HardingMatt HaimovitzJimmy ScottDavid SanbornGeorge RessiliMichael BracklerLou Reed Although mostly unrelated to our man Chris, the Rex Foundation has an interesting story, as captured in these sentences from the … Continue reading at the Rob Wasserman Trios Event 1994-03-26

Radar Solo

Obviously, Radar was a regular during the Summer 2001 RH tour with Heiko, Tony, Eddy, and DJ Logic; it also was on pretty much every set list when Chris toured Europe in Fall 2001 with DJ Big Wiz.  But Chris rarely played Radar in solo appearances; I could find only 7, mostly from radio shows. … Continue reading Radar Solo

Solid Iron Heart

  I never liked Solid Iron Heart on the Rocket House album.  Well, I should qualify that statement:  I was drawn in by Chris's haunting voice and entranced by the lyrics, but my ears rebelled against all the extraneous sound production in the album version.  I mean, really, why such noise should obscure such intense … Continue reading Solid Iron Heart