In His Own Words – Extended Interviews

  There's no better insight into what Chris thought and felt than what he himself said.  Here's a one-stop place from which you can access all the extended audio interviews I've collected.  Also check the radio shows provided in each album blog for more of what Chris had to say. Audio In the Foreground ....  … Continue reading In His Own Words – Extended Interviews

LWTL Media

    Articles You can access a few dozen articles (PDF) here. Other Media Excerpt from Promotional Video (Candlelight Sessions):   Video of Miami 1991-10-22:   Ohne Filter (German TV program), Nachtwerk, Baden-Baden, March 1992:   Video of Roskilde Festival 1992: Complex Sex Ritual:    Long Way Around:   Columbia Promo Videos TV Appearances The … Continue reading LWTL Media

KMTT 1999-04-14

While touring Dirt Floor, Chris played a great number of radio shows.  His appearance at KMTT on April 14, 1999 is a fan favorite.  Although he was sick with what sounds like a cold, Chris played excellent takes of a new song (Firefighter) and an old song (LWTL - Hiroshi Suda's favorite live performance of … Continue reading KMTT 1999-04-14