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More about Chris’ Gear [DRAFT]

  Many guitar enthusiasts have inquired about the slides, pedals, amplifiers, and other “accessories” Chris used.   yadda yadda……………..   Slides In the Dust Radio documentary, Rick Kelly (Carmine Street Guitars) discusses how Chris made his cutaway slide from an old bicycle handlebar – an original concept which Rick notes Chris should have patented! The photo … Continue reading

A Guide to Chris Whitley’s Gear

Hiroshi Suda has compiled an inventory of the many guitars Chris played. If you can offer corrections or additional info, please use the “Comment” feature at the end of this post, and we’ll add your 2-cents to the descriptions. [Note: Larger photos can be viewed on All Things Chris Whitley Facebook page.] Thanks to Jeffrey … Continue reading

KMTT 1999-04-14

While touring Dirt Floor, Chris played a great number of radio shows.  His appearance at KMTT on April 14, 1999 is a fan favorite.  Although he was sick with what sounds like a cold, Chris played excellent takes of a new song (Firefighter) and an old song (LWTL – Hiroshi Suda’s favorite live performance of … Continue reading

“Mustard”: Chris Whitley’s Iconic National Guitar

For Chris Whitley fans, his seen-better-days National Triolian is the stuff of legends, an icon that immediately elicits images and sounds from Chris’ musical career.  A handful of fans even have personal memories of this icon; alas, I am not one of these lucky few, but I’ve been blessed by their sharing those stories. For … Continue reading