The primary purpose of this blog is evident from its title:  To share, to preserve, and to examine the musical legacy of Chris Whitley.  Best known for his 1991 debut album, Living with the Law, Whitley produced an astonishingly diverse array of music until his untimely death (from lung cancer) in November 2005.

from Time Magazine, August 1991

from Time Magazine, August 1991

Other resources possibly of interest:

1.  Discover Whitley’s pre-LWTL musical development on the Noh Rodeo Facebook page.

2. Check out the official legacy Chris Whitley website.

3.  Listen to Whitley bootlegs on the Live Music Archive.

4.  Join the Chris Whitley group on Facebook.

5.  Watch videos on YouTube.

Border photo:  “Veins” by Lance Green on Photobucket 


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Can someone enlighten me to what big sky country is about

    Posted by David W | November 4, 2018, 8:21 am
    • Hi, David – In interviews, Chris said “To me, “Big Sky Country,” was a Big Fake Prince Song.” [Poet Maudit interview 2004] ; also that the song was somewhat inspired by the last frame of “Wuthering Heights” in which Laurence Olivier’s and Vivien Leigh’s ghosts romp through the heather [Vagabond Heart – Melody Maker]

      Posted by Katie | November 17, 2018, 2:53 pm
  2. how chris met dan lanois:
    karen kuehn, a good photographer who lived and worked in tribeca(nyc) ate regularly at the exterminator chili company nearby. on one particular night she heard chris perform there. she was impressed and introduced him to her friend dan lanois.
    chris shared this. he never once distorted or exaggerated the truth to me.

    Posted by jerry whitley | May 20, 2016, 9:49 am
    • Dang! I thought I’d updated that intro to my LWTL: Billiant Debut …” post [Stories vary regarding how Chris came to meet Daniel Lanois, who was instrumental in getting Chris a recording contract and supported him during the recording process. Did they meet when Chris was playing a NYC gig at Mondo Cane? One Sunday morning when Chris joined a friend on a photo shoot in a NYC park? At a barbeque in New Orleans? It seems that even Chis was unsure, giving different versions of their meeting in various interviews. ]

      Thanks for reminding me of the real story, Jerry.

      As it turns out, I had purchased some artist’s proofs from Karen a couple years ago to send to Maarten and Hiroshi, the long-time fans who shared so many CW treasures with me. During our transaction, I asked Karen to tell me a bit about Chris. This is what she replied: “I took that pick in a room full of Santarios in NYC.
      I met Chris at the Exterminator Chili restaurant on Church and Canal (aprox). He was singing and tapping that foot as he did….I was in awe of his talent. I told my said boy friend at the time (Dan Lanios) music producer “you have to hear this guy.” Rather than tip him I gave him a note that said “good for one free photo shoot.” We shot a lot and became friends. Dan was in awe of him too…still in awe. Dan helps his daughter Tad Pole in a band called Black Dub out of Brooklyn NY. The saga goes on. He was a poet for sure and a lover of women. God rest his soul.”

      Now … off to edit that post! Thanks again……………….Katie

      Posted by Katie | May 20, 2016, 12:26 pm

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