Mystery Gig: 1995-06-20

Here’s an 11-song set whose origins are unclear.  I think that I might have downloaded it from one of those monster bootleg sites, e.g., Wolfgang’s or the Concert Archives.  Both of those sites are notoriously lacking in reliable data, so it’s possible that the date is wrong.  Further, there’s no venue provided.  But it’s clearly from the Din era and specifically from the latter half of 1995 (Lee Fox and Billy Ward, whom Chris introduces during the set, seem to have replaced Rich Mercurio and Alan Gevaert in the late spring of that year).  If you can shed any light on this mystery gig, please let me know!

Of course, there’s no such thing as too many Din bootlegs, no matter their provenance.  This one stands out because of its exceptionally grungy “Candy,” which opens the set.  “God Thing” builds from an almost tortuously slow start to an almost unbearable crescendo of distorted guitar. And even “Phone Call” solo is extraordinarily forceful, almost blistering, and breaks into “Erotic City” for a bit – possibly one of the earliest recording of this confluence? (also featured in other gigs summer 1995, e.g., Bottom of the Hill 1995-07-19).  Whatever its source, whenever the gig was played, I think you’ll enjoy this set.



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