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Photos of Gig 4/11/03 Tin Angel Philadelphia

Thanks to Richard Jon Levy for sharing his photos of this show. I’ve “screen captured” a few of the photos as images, as shown below: Here are Richard’s PDFs.  EI Kyocera06498920210119110150 EI Kyocera06498820210119110102 EI Kyocera06498720210119105954 EI Kyocera06498620210119105910 EI Kyocera06498520210119105829 EI Kyocera06498420210119105749 EI Kyocera06498320210119105637 EI Kyocera06498220210119105558 EI Kyocera06498120210119105515 EI Kyocera06498020210119105431

Jeff Lang’s Post to the Dust Forum upon Learning of Chris’s Death

Just ran across this while rummaging down a rabbit hole.  No better tribute from one friend to another, from one musician to another, from a fan to his idol ….    Chris first came out to Australia in 1993. I went to his Tuesday night show at The Basement in Sydney on the recommendation of a … Continue reading