In His Own Words – Extended Interviews

The_Los Angeles Times (1995-04-16)


There’s no better insight into what Chris thought and felt than what he himself said.  Here’s a one-stop place from which you can access all the extended audio interviews I’ve collected.  Also check the radio shows provided in each album blog for more of what Chris had to say.


In the Foreground ….  – Early interview segments – promo for LWTL (1991)


WHCN Interview (1991-09-20)


Toazted interview – Seems to have been recorded after Din; begins with lots of Din talk


Rolling Stone Interview at Martyr’s   (1998-04-06)  The interviewer is clueless:  he asks Chris why he’s touring solo.  DUH!  This was during the Dirt Floor tour.


Interview re Perfect Day (A-List 2000-09-27)


Excellent Interview by Mako Funasaka for talkin’ blues (2004):  Part One     Part Two


Possibly the last interview we have (or that I have anyway …) captured from an Australian radio broadcast (FBI FM) 2005-03-30 when Chris was “Down Under” to record Dislocation Blues with Jeff Lang: 



The single-best, most-insightful interview EVER!:  Melancholic Resonance (from Anil Prasad’s Innerviews)





2 thoughts on “In His Own Words – Extended Interviews

  1. Katie–

    Thanks for all that you do here to keep Chris’s legacy alive. It’s an invaluable service.

    I learned yesterday of a recording Chris made with Cassandra Wilson in 1993 of I Can’t Stand the Rain. It’s utterly riveting and dark and I wanted to pass it along just in case you weren’t already aware of it.



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