Chris with Pat MacDonald in Europe (Winter 1999)



I was pleasantly surprised when, viewing files Hiroshi Suda had sent me of 1999-02-05 (Quasimodo’s, Berlin),  I came across a video of Chris and Pat MacDonald singing Dylan’s “Billy” – still brings a smile!  Today I ran across some additional audio files of that duet plus of Pat’s solo performance.  I’m sharing them here ’cause they’re just too much fun to miss.

Ulf Zick, a fellow member of the ATCW group on Facebook, shared some memories of this tour, which was Ulf’s idea:

Pat MacDonald was right there. Him and I in my car. I remember waking up to a ton of snow in Winterthur Switzerland, having to drive to Munich. Pat reassured me it was nothing compared to Wisconsin. I was still sweating bullets. The shows with Pat and Chris together were the best. They brought out the best in each other. It was one of the few times where, as a bystander who had the idea for the bill, you felt you did something 100% right. Very reaffirming. That was at Quasimodo Berlin, they had been talking about Dylan from the first day of the tour when we all got together in Frankfurt, Germany.


tour stop with Pat MacDonald in Munich

THE Video

Quasimodo’s … Berlin … 1999-02-05

It’s obvious that these guys were having a lot of fun with this cover of Bob Dylan’s “Billy”.  Chris and Pat are joined by their guitar techs (that’s Chris Reali playing Mustard!)



Audio of the Quasimodo duet: 


Audio of the same at a different venue (Dingwall’s, London, 1999-02-17): 


Video (incomplete) of Chris’s set at Quasimodo’s (1999-02-05):



Audio (complete) of Chris’s set at Quasimodo’s (1999-02-05) is on the Live Music Archive.  Note that a few tracks are marred by what sounds like tape deterioration, but it’s a stellar set, nonetheless.


Pat’s Set at Muffathalle,  Munich (1999-01-28)

Pat plays a 7-song set, mostly from his 1997 album, Pat MacDonald Sleeps with His Guitar, and previews “Whisky Bottle” (my personal favorite), which appeared on his 2002 album, Begging Her Graces.   Love Pat’s music?  Learn and listen to more on Pat’s website.


Thanks to Hiroshi Suda for the scans of the tour book, to Maarten Demetter for the tickets, and to both for the bootlegs.

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