Terra Incognita Media



You can access a few dozen articles here.

You can also learn more about Clear Blue Sky and its many iterations here.


Bootlegs and Other Audio

1997 bootlegs on the Live Music Archive

Radio Show at Studio Brussel (Belgium) 1997-03-13:


Radio Show at River Music Hall (Boston) 1997-03-19 – includes a rare performance of Some Candy Talkin’:


Radio Show at WRLT (Nashville) 1997-04-03 – really poor mix but Chris’s vocals are clear as a bell and interview segments are somewhat revelatory:


Radio Show at World Cafe June 1997


Radio Show/Private Concert at KFOG (San Francisco) 1997-06-04:


Radio Show at Acoustic Cafe (1997-09-16)


Radio Show at KMTT (1997):



Automatic (Official):


Automatic – The Late Show with David Letterman:


Playlist of Selected Tracks from Rosebud gig   To the best of my knowledge, this is the only video of a gig with the Terra band.


Promo videos produced by Sony/Work:  The live video performances of “Weightless”, “Power Down”, “Cool Wooden Crosses”, and “Automatic” were culled from his November 4, 1996 performance at Billboard Live at The Palace in Los Angeles, California.













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