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As Heiko “Hesh” Schramm recalls, “The whole HVH record is played live at Helicopter Tonstudio in Dresden together at the same time, including Chris’s vocals.  Nothing added, no overdubs and no pre-recordings. In a way it’s a live album.  On Insurrection M* (Matthias Macht) played a cymbal ON his snare – how hurried Chris was, anxious to get back to NYC.  Thus, most of the songs were FIRST takes, no time to experiment or fool around with different versions.  It’s so incredible how laid back, perfectly timed and breathing these songs sound, which in my eyes is a testimony to the excellence of each of the three as individuals and of course as a band, smoothly and organically interlinking. WOW. Pure magic.”


You can access a few dozen articles here.


400 Bar (Minneapolis, MN 2003-05-13)

Fargo Label Night (Tourcoing, FR 2003-09-30)

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Radio Shows

CD 102.5 Big Room 2003-05-20  No clue where I got this and not sure if the date (2003-05-20) is correct (can’t find on Metter’s tour guide), but it’s a great sounding show in which Chris plays spot-on LWTL and To Joy solo and then HVH with band.  Decent interview segments as well.

Acoustic Cafe (2003-05-23)


Hotel Vast Horizon on RTL2 in Paris: 

Hotel Vast Horizon at Hugh’s Room in Toronto: 

Breaking Your Fall at Musiques en Stock (Cluses, FR) 2002:

New Lost World at Musiques en Stock (Cluses, FR) 2002:


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6 thoughts on “Hotel Vast Horizon Media

  1. I went to a Chris Whitley’s show in Nashville at the 3rd & Lindsley during the tour for this album. I’ve got the set list when the show was over and Chris signed it. That’s been long enough ago that I don’t remember the date. Would anyone have a list of tour dates from that time?


    1. Hi, yes, there is a comprehensive “tour guide” that lists many hundreds of gigs, going all the way back to the late 70s. If you’re a member of the All Things Chris Whitley group on Facebook, that guide is available as a PDF. Lacking that access, here are shows at that venue in 2003/04:
      04/18/03 – 3rd & Lindsley, Nashville, TN
      01/30/04 – 3rd & Lindsley, Nashville, TN

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a bootleg for either of those shows, but we do have for earlier shows, e.g., during the Dirt Floor tour.

      I’ve uploaded a photo of the 01/30/04 setlist here:

      Hope this helps!……………………Katie


    1. So sorry, Nathan! I re-organized by files on Box, but forgot to renew the links. Will do so for HVH media today and let you know when the links are fixed……..


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