Dirt Floor Media

at Blue Moon Racing where Dirt Floor was recorded (from Jerry Whitley)

“Seeing somebody like Chris Whitley sitting in a tool shed in the back of his father’s house, just possessed, and you realize that you are in the presence of nature at its purest, you’re in the presence of the divine.”

~ Craig Street, as quoted in Producing Hit Records by DJ Farinella



You can access a few dozen articles here.

Bootlegs and Other Audio

1998 gigs including Radio Bremen “Moments”

1999 gigs

Rolling Stone interview 1998-04-06 at Martyr’s

J’Open Mike (NYC) 1998-03-10:


Austin Convention Center (Pre-show) 1998-03-21:


KFOG Pull the Plug (San Francisco) 1998-03-25:


Hagstrom Musikk (Bergen, Norway) 1998-04-28 – Chris plays several tracks from Din and TI, perhaps because he seldom appeared in Norway:


Acoustic Cafe 1998-06-02:


Live at Blockbuster (Nashville, TN) 1998-08-02


Amoeba’s (San Francisco, CA) 1998-08-22:


WPLR (New Haven, CT) 1999-03-12:


KMTT (Seattle, WA) 1999-04-14:


KBAC (Santa Fe, NM) 1999-04-26


Martyr’s Pre-show 1999-08-13 WXRT



Craig Street discusses the recording of Dirt Floor: 

Video with Brandon Kessler and the DF street gangs that promoted Dirt Floor:

Scrapyard Lullaby b/w: 

Scrapyard Lullaby: 

Dirt Floor: 

Wild Country: 

at CBGB’s for Reverb: 

Chris plays Firefighter on Gabereau (Canadian show) April 1999: 


Video playlist:  CBGB 1998 (professional video)


Video playlist: Quasimodo’s 1999-02-05


Video playlist: Rosebud 1998-04-14


Here’s an early (1993) version of Altitude sounding very much like a DIN song.  Trimmed from a video uploaded by WillSalas CymbalMaker [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy5rXUj09o0]:

And, thanks to Hiroshi Suda, you can listen to the audio only here: 



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