Pint of Lotion

Thanks to Stefan Thomas Lien for calling this one to my attention.  Turns out that the PoL on the Big Sky Country compilation CD is NOT the same as the one on the earlier Poison Girl CD.  Here are both tracks, plus a video of Chris playing PoL at Ohne Filter and another of my favorite performance of PoL -Adrian Adioetomo’s cover.

from Poison Girl CD:Recorded at the KBCO broadcast from Boulder Theatre, Boulder, CO 1991-08-28


from BSC compilation CD (listed as a DEMO; no other info provided):


on Ohne Filter (German TV program, Nachtwerk, Baden-Baden) March 1992


Adrian Adioetomo’s cover, surely the most awesome cover of a CW song ever!, is my favorite performance of this song.  Adrian humbly notes that “Though I play and even outfit myself in his style, I know that I’ll never come close to the genius that he was and, in my book, still is. Our souls come from different “places”, obviously, and playing the blues will reveal it, whether we’re aware of it or not.”  Adrian’s comment about different places reminds me that Chris often said that his music was affected by the places he had lived.

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