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Din of Ecstasy Media


Listen to a live version of “Liberation or Death”




The Jagged Edge : Chris Whitley’s raw, ever-changing style defies categories. On his new album, ‘Din of Ecstasy,’ the reluctant bluesman dives into recent inner struggles.

Live Shots: Chris Whitley, Antone’s July 6, 1995

Chris Whitley: Upbeat and in Your Face at Dragonfly

Troubled Songs in a Voice That Groans and Aches: Chris Whitley Brownie’s

Chris Whitley Rewarding Those Who Can Follow His Wanderings

Chris Whitley – Overdriven Hymns from Nowhere

Chris Whitley – Lost in Shadows and Fog

Chris Whitley Performs His Own Style of Blues in Philadelphia

Chris Whitley Reveals a Darker Shade of Blues

Chris Whitley’s Shift Reflects His Concept of the Blues

Chris Whitley’s Twisted Blues

Contradiction Important to Chris Whitley

Din Man: Chris Whitley Finds His Musical Heart

Din Promo Materials from Sony

Guitarist Performs More Agony than Ecstasy

Chris Whitley Exchanges Melodies for Blustery Sounds (Khyber Pass Gig Review)

Painting the Town Blue (Time Mag – excerpt)

Restless Troubadour of Passion, Pain

The Art of Noise: Chris Whitley Fumbles toward Ecstasy

The New Chris Whitley Plays Harder than Ever

Underlying Whitley’s `Din’ Are Some Serious Blues

Whitley Resists Categories in Creating Music

Whitley Welcomes Change (Antone’s 1993 preview to Din)

Whitley’s “Ecstasy” Makes a Bluesy Din

Whitley’s NY Seedy Blues

Bootlegs and Other Audio

Live Music Archive

Paste Magazine Audio of Several Din Shows

Danny Kadar’s Original Mix of Din (different order + never released song)

Danny Kadar’s Demo – Guns and Dolls

Danny Kadar’s New Machine/Poison Girl – Live


Khyber Pass Din Show 1995-06-27

Sony Studios – Recording New Machine

LWA and New Machine on House of Blues

Din on Jon Stewart

O God My Heart Is Ready Now (Official)


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