Memories and Tributes


To observe the tenth anniversary of Chris’ passage to “the other side of the world,” I’ve put together this page.  Much of it is comprised of things I’ve already posted elsewhere, but it seemed fitting to compile it in one place.  If you can recommend additional items for the collection or if you want to add a remembrance, please do so in the comments.  I’ll add your materials ASAP.

Fireroad (for Chris Whitley) by Max Heinegg

An evocative poem from one of the ATCW group members, beautiful and moving on many levels.


ATCW Group Members’ Submissions

One of the ATCW group members requested that I create a place where CW fans can post memories of and tributes to Chris.  We had only a few submissions, but some very good ones nonetheless.  Many thanks to those who contributed!  View here.

Song and Video Tributes

Kelly Joe Phelps, “Handful of Arrows”
Matt Keating, “They Came in May”
Melissa Ferrick, “Rest Now”
Beth Wood, “Strangest Angel”
Del Pedro, “So Gone”
Ian Moore, “Time of Dying”
Norman Savitt, “Lament for Chris Whitley”

Norman has explained that Chris was especially fond of this song, so Norman renamed it in his honor.

Messenger Records, “Chris Whitley (Reconstructed)”
Joe January, “Chris Whitley”
Fan Tribute by Rana Kelly (photo stream and “Look What Love Has Done”)
Tribute Video by Musiques en Stock
Chris Whitley Retrospective

A compilation of photos and Chris singing “Old Man and Me”

Media Memorials/Tributes/Obits

National Public Radio:  “Chris Whitley – In Memorium”

Bradley Bambarger, “The Legacy of Chris Whitley”

James Calemine, “Immortal Blues: In memorium”

Andrew Dansby, “Singer-songwriter Chris Whitley dies at 45”

Roy Kasten, “Chris Whitley 1960 – 2005: The singer and guitarist left behind a body of work that testifies to the blues as lived” Nashville Scene

Wes Orshoski, “Chris Whitley 1960 – 2005” Paste Magazine

Cree McCree, Obit from OffBeat

Jeff Miers, “A Generation’s Lost Voice”

Jeff Lang Remembers Chris

You can read a collection of obituaries and tributes here.

Personal/Fan Tributes

Breakthecitysky on Tumblr, “The Music as Remembered”

Alice Lidel (nooo-idea on Blogspot), “Oh… Such Sad, Sad, News… Chris Whitley Has Died…”

Heiko’s Tribute from “Reiter In”

Geoff Ashmun, “Offending the Ice Age.”

Tribute Photos

Photo by Crofton Orr (taken at Joe's Pub 1999); poem "He Held Radical Light" by A.R. Ammoms
Photo by Crofton Orr (taken at Joe’s Pub 1999); poem “He Held Radical Light” by A.R. Ammons


photo credit: Denim Poets
photo credit: Denim Poets (aka Ronnie Knight)


3 thoughts on “Memories and Tributes

  1. thanks for this thing called all things we met in londonderry new hampshire in the united states of america chris was gigging a solo show at tupelo hall he was sad about his mom and his blues showed in a real and friendly way there is a picture you may want to see however loading it is not apparent of all things peace all the best..david


  2. Hi there, This is my tribute to Chris. It travels with me wherever I go. Bjorn Johnson

    [image1.png] Sent from my iPhone


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