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Chris ‘n’ Dougie play LWL/Din/Terra Songs at Antone’s (Austin, TX)

This is one of those bootlegs that is the stuff of legend.  Passed among fans as 1995-07-01, the exact date of the recording is uncertain.  Maarten Demetter’s tour guide indicates that Chris played Antone’s on July 5, 6, and 7, but provides no set list or other info. If I remember correctly, Dougie said that … Continue reading

“Offending the Ice Age”: Memorial Reflections on Chris Whitley’s Legacy

When a previously unreleased version of the late Chris Whitley’s Din of Ecstasy came to my attention, it was like accidentally unearthing a manuscript from the Dead Sea Scrolls of my personal narrative. Hyperbolic as that may sound, I’ve clutched nearly every one of those songs like a pillow at some crucial point in my … Continue reading

Memories and Tributes

To observe the tenth anniversary of Chris’ passage to “the other side of the world,” I’ve put together this page.  Much of it is comprised of things I’ve already posted elsewhere, but it seemed fitting to compile it in one place.  If you can recommend additional items for the collection or if you want to … Continue reading

Jeff Miers, A generation’s lost voice (The Buffalo News, 2005-12-02)

Some of these things you just can’t help taking personally, logic and reason be damned. No critic has ever been so objective as to fully avoid having a favorite, an artist who so fully encapsulates and expresses what that critic feels to be the zeitgeist, the tenor of the times, or at least, who so … Continue reading

ATCW Group Members’ Submissions

A genius gone way too soon by Jane Gallup I have so many memories of seeing Chris at various clubs and talking with him, but my favorite memory was seeing him play at this little club in Providence, RI on a Tuesday night, April 8th, 2003. I drove from Hartford alone to see him, not … Continue reading

Kelly Joe Phelps, “Handful of Arrows”

Play again, oh Tap on the board I could use a song here, now. Word unheard, none ever burned A room to set me in. Sing again, oh Throw another tale Walking out across our ground It’s cold behind this cabin door That high tone light it right. Stomp down, oh Show them your hands. … Continue reading

Matt Keating, “They Came in May”

I can feel you in the ether I still see you on the stairs Where I left you In September By November you were no longer there Well I always looked before I leapt But I fell anyway And all the tears I never wept In July They came in May At the bottom of … Continue reading

Melissa Ferrick, “Rest Now”

you wanted to be invisible so you got on stage away from the crowds back doors and bars your favorite place but singing is lonely lonely is dark but under those bright lights you came alive big eyes small hands yes you sang so beautiful it made my heart hit the ground bird on a … Continue reading

Beth Wood, “Strangest Angel”

Strangest Angel (for Chris Whitley) The strangest angel whispered to me of distant shores I would never see flying above this other world capturing heaven in a muscled pearl My strangest angel singing to me of vast horizons and big sky country all hallelujahs and swirling smoke a whiskey sunrise the day I woke please … Continue reading

Fireroad (for Chris Whitley) by Max Heinegg

  1. What can you keep clear of all that can catch? I’ve found a fireroad wide enough for engines, to reach the reservoir. 2. I listen to his songs of containment. From one measure of ash, from one refrain, a secular blessing drifts, is granted. 3. As I leave the nightly fire, I give … Continue reading