Some More Bootlegs

Was listening to 2002-07-03 Volkshuis (Gent, BE) and 1998-09-18 Quasimodo’s (Berlin, DE Radio Eins Studio) bootlegs and was struck by a few tracks.  Here are a few from Volkshuis, including two duets with Trixie:


Serve You:

Clear Blue Sky:


If there is sufficient interest, I’ll upload the full set to LMA.

And one of the last live performances of Liberation or Death – a jaw-droppingly lovely acoustic version:

Can’t stop ….

The first capture of the Big Sky/Gasket medley 1998-03-21 Austin, TX:

Big Sky:


Hope you enjoy these!

Update:  Thanks to Jaap Stiemer for calling my attention to this one.  Chris closes a show with a raucous take on Gasket, breaking two strings in the process.

De Smelt, Assen, Holland 1998-09-12:

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