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First Bootlegs

Just for the fun of it, I’ve searched Metter Bozze’s Tour Guide for the earliest occurrence of some of Chris’ songs.  Here are my first-take results with audio files.  If you have earlier versions of any of these, please share.

Big Sky Country/Gasket – first time Chris plays these tunes together 1998-03-21 Austin, TX

Can’t Get Off – 1993-10-00 The Basement Sydney (although earliest Fiddler’s Green Boulder August 29, 1991) 

Clear Blue Sky – 1992-10-08 Blues Harbor Atlanta, GA, which I don’t have, so this recording is from 1992-11-02 Charlottesville, VA 

Cool Wooden Crosses – 1995-07-01 from the Concert Vault (according to Hiroshi’s notes, with Dougie Bowne).  Possibly Austin, TX with Dougie playing a “bunch of crap from the basement” instead of his usual drum kit. 

Dead Boyfriend/Cowboy – 1998-04-23 Fletcher’s Baltimore, MD, which I don’t have, so this recording is from 1998-08-02 3rd & Lindsley Nashville 

Firefighter – 1999-03-12 WPLR Hartford, CT 

Gasket – 1992-03-28 The Sting New Britain, CT [Listed as “Moanin’ at Midnight’” – Chris sings MaM lyrics but plays “Gasket” ; compare to Howlin Wolf here.] 

God Thing – 1993-10-00 The Basement Sydney 

Narcotic Prayer – 1993-10-00 The Basement Sydney 

New Machine – 1992-01-23 El Macambo Toronto, ON 

Radar – 1999-10-15 90.9 The Bridge Radio Show

Serve You – 1999-04-29 Gypsy Tea Room 

Ultraglide – 1992-11-02 Charlottesville, VA 


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