First Bootlegs

Just for the fun of it, I’ve searched Metter Bozze’s Tour Guide for the earliest occurrence of some of Chris’ songs.  Here are my first-take results with audio files.  If you have earlier versions of any of these, please share.


Accordingly – 1997-12-31 9:30 Club Washington, DC 


Big Sky Country/Gasket – first time Chris plays these tunes together 1998-03-21 Austin, TX


Can’t Get Off – 1993-10-00 The Basement Sydney (although earliest Fiddler’s Green Boulder August 29, 1991) 


Clear Blue Sky – 1992-10-08 Blues Harbor Atlanta, GA, which I don’t have, so this recording is from 1992-11-02 Charlottesville, VA 


Cool Wooden Crosses – 1995-07-01 from the Concert Vault (according to Hiroshi’s notes, with Dougie Bowne).  Possibly Austin, TX with Dougie playing a “bunch of crap from the basement” instead of his usual drum kit. 


Dead Boyfriend/Cowboy – 1998-04-23 Fletcher’s Baltimore, MD, which I don’t have, so this recording is from 1998-08-02 3rd & Lindsley Nashville 


Dirt Floor – 1997-12-31 9:30 Club Washington, DC 


Firefighter – 1999-03-12 WPLR Hartford, CT 


Gasket – 1992-03-28 The Sting New Britain, CT [Listed as “Moanin’ at Midnight’” – Chris sings MaM lyrics but plays “Gasket” ; compare to Howlin Wolf here.] 


God Thing – 1993-10-00 The Basement Sydney 


Indian Summer – 1997-12-31 9:30 Club Washington, DC 


Mountainside – 2005-03-29 Vanguard Sydney AUS 


Narcotic Prayer – 1993-10-00 The Basement Sydney 


New Machine – 1992-01-23 El Macambo Toronto, ON 


Radar – 1999-10-15 90.9 The Bridge Radio Show


Serve You – 1999-04-29 Gypsy Tea Room 


Ultraglide – 1992-11-02 Charlottesville, VA 

2 thoughts on “First Bootlegs

  1. What a Great Collection!!! Thank you to any/ all of you who did this. I have no idea how to follow, access, retrieve, or catalogue things like this. I hope to update or improve my internet capabilities soon with an iPad and learn a lot more about all this technology. I became an absolute, “nothing else matters “ fan of Chris in 1991 when LWTL came out. I hope an upgrade from an iPhone to iPad will improve my internet capabilities. I have no idea who Katie Dewitz is, but I know you are the most devoted and essential person responsible for our documentation and access to Chris’ music and story, as I’ve seen your name for many years on videos,and you have done an amazing job,or maybe more appropriately a lifetime of devotion to the music and story of Chris Whitley. All I can say is Thank you-you are a blessing to the world, to humanity, and and the world of music. Thank you and love to fans, friends, musical associates, and Chris Whitley’s family-Trixie,Dan, Susaan Buerger. ANd I have no idea, but hope Heiko and Matthias are well and thriving!! Many more people I know I’ve not mentioned, I know many of your names and your place in Chris’ story, but all the best to you all!!!!


    1. Thanks, John – You’re too kind! If you’re also a member of the ATCW FB group, you know that Heiko sometimes posts/comments – hasn’t done so lately though 😦


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