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Movie Sound Tracks

A growing list of Chris Whitley songs used in or written for movies:  Songs or related videos that can be streamed here are shown in bold.

Kick the Stones:  “Thelma and Louise” (1991)

Blue Sky Blues:  “Fathers and Sons” (1992)

Poison Girl: “Q ja tahdet (Finnish talk show) (1992)

Starve To Death :   “So I Married an Axe Murderer” (1993)

Poison Girl:  Baywatch (season 3, episode 1 early/mid 90s?) [h/t Jodie Fogle Jones]

Big Sky Country:  Homicide – Life on the Street 

Poison Girl:  A never-aired pilot for a redo of Route 66

Walkin’ Blues & Hellhound on My Trail:  “Hellhounds on My Trail – The Afterlife of Robert Johnson” (2000)

Living with the Law & Moment of Calm:  “Knockaround Guys” (2001)

Automatic:  Cathouse (2002)

Pigs Will Fly (album):  “Pigs Will Fly” (2002)

Fine day (film version)                  Bridge song                  Crystaline (Film Version)

Soundtrack of Goldfish Game (Belgian movie 2002) [h/t Maarten Demetter]

Perfect Day:  “Gaz:Bar Blues” (2003)

Living with the Law:  “We Bought a Zoo” (2011)

Ballpeen Hammer & Dirt Floor:  The Last Patrol (HBO documentary 2014) [h/t Joops Elagarf]


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