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Dislocation Blues Podcast

Here’s a podcast of Jeff Lang talking about how he and Chris Whitley came to create “Dislocation Blues,” including some tracks from the album, some bootlegs from shows he played with Chris, and a few hotel jam sessions.   Update January 4, 2017:  I found two more interviews on this topic today.  Both are audio … Continue reading

Movie and TV Sound Tracks

A growing list of Chris Whitley songs used in or written for movies:  Songs or related videos that can be streamed here are shown in bold. Kick the Stones:  “Thelma and Louise” (1991)   Blue Sky Blues:  “Fathers and Sons” (1992)   Poison Girl: “Q ja tahdet” (Finnish talk show) (21 March 1993)   Starve … Continue reading

Chris Whitley’s “Gear”: A Visual Dictionary

Hiroshi Suda has compiled an inventory of the many guitars Chris played.  If you can offer corrections or additional info, please use the “Comment” feature at the end of this post, and we’ll add your 2-cents to the descriptions.  [Note:  Larger photos can be viewed on All Things Chris Whitley Facebook page.] Thanks to Jeffrey … Continue reading